Creating new, visceral theatre that gets in between the layers of what we say and what we feel

About us


1) A cacophony of confused sounds or voices

2) A mythological tower in the ancient land of Shinar, where people proposed to build a huge tower that they might touch the heavens, but, so the story goes, in fear of the power of their unity and togetherness, God stunted their approach by giving them different languages and destroyed the tower.

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Babel Theatre are an award winning contemporary theatre company creating multidisciplinary, highly-visual theatre which integrates movement, text and music to communicate the grey areas in life where language alone is insufficient.

Babel strive to make their work wide open to interpretation and put our audience at the heart of the narrative.

We believe in creating a sense of TOTAL THEATRE, where all elements of a production are artistically integral. Immersing our audiences in a world of sound and colours and unpacking vital, visceral emotions and ideas that resonate with contemporary living, placing our audiences and their experiences at the centre of the play.

"The process of making a production is the process of unpacking the overwhelming nuances and sensations in emotions and struggles of contemporary living. Theatre for us is how we understand the world. It gives us a lens to look through with which we can reduce the chaos of the natural world and highlight the absurdity of one element of it."

Joseph Lynch, Artistic Director