This page is a little shout out to some of our closest conspirators and people who we join forces with from time to time.

We like them and think you might too. 

square peg theatre logo.png

Square Peg

Square Peg make exhilarating theatre with a strong physical style they create work that blends traditional practices of storytelling with bold and original staging.

mighty heart theatre logo.jpg

Mighty Heart Theatre

These fiercely lovely women create performance, events and community interventions. Through integrated outreach experiences they promote and foster social action.

Their work is fun, raucous and really does have an awfully big heart to it. 

yesyesnono theatre logo.png

yesyesnono theatre

YESYESNONO is an award-winning, Manchester-based company concerned with exploring the potential of theatre as a democratic space.

They are bizarre and brilliant.