creative development 


Every session of Babel’s work aims to do three things

Unpack social, philosophical and psychological ideas

Improve physical, textual and creative skills

Develop confidence, engage inspirations and enrich imaginations


Whether that is in workshops and residencies or our own rehearsals.

This page will detail some of the ways we engage with performers and communities interested in our work.

babel intensives

dates coming soon



ensemble physical theatre workshops

CONNECT: bring together into contact so that a real and notional link is established

Join us for an intensive two day physical exploration of ensemble training, developing a profound sense of connection to ourselves, to each other and to the space around us. Focussing on a key aspect of Babel’s work we unpack some of the fundamentals of ensemble theatre making: impulse, connection, listening, imagination, play, emotion and freedom, in a deep, rooted and intense period.

These workshops are an uplifting and joyous way to practice listening to ourselves, developing strong connections with people, working as a group and trust. CONNECT workshops are highly collaborative, very physical and wonderfully exhausting  and will be ideal for recent graduates or artists looking to develop their creative skills. 

In these divisive and disparate times it seems even more important to take a focussed period to CONNECT with ourselves and each other and find a sense of presence in our daily lives.

In the spirit of openness and community our CONNECT workshops are priced very affordably and run around the country.

2020 Dates COMING SOON.


lab Project


Artistic Director Joseph Lynch leads regular laboratory workshops exploring the Babel processes of physical actor training and theatre making, in an attempt to challenge and share the theatre making craft and to begin developing a community of performers who share the same vocabulary. 


We will be holding another Lab Project in Winter 2019. If you feel you would like to be involved and/or learn more, please send a CV and expressions of interest to

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babel nights

Babel: a confused noise made by a number of voices; a confused situation

Nights: the period between afternoon and sunrise



more information coming soon

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