Creating new, visceral theatre that gets in between the layers of what we say and what we feel

Every session of Babel’s work aims to do three things

Unpack social, philosophical and psychological ideas

Improve physical, textual and creative skills

Develop confidence, engage inspirations and enrich imaginations


Whether that is in workshops and residencies or our own rehearsals.

This page will detail some of the ways we engage with performers and communities interested in our work. 


One day Intensive – Physical Theatre

Delve into the creative madness of Babel's theatre making process. Looking at physical vocabulary as a gateway to emotional expressivity we will develop material and explore the devising process in a very full on, very sweaty day.

Babel’s theatre making and performer training have been crafted by Artistic Director Joseph Lynch, by fusing techniques used in our rehearsal room with training and methodologies from top theatre practitioners all around the world.

In this full on, intensive day, we will explore:

·    Unlocking the body's potential to play

·    Finding freedom through instinct and impulse

·    Connecting with a group and establishing bold ensemble imagery

Participants will be pushed to make strong, brave choices. This will be an extremely invigorating, highly physical session, developing creative audacity and launching imagination.

For information on upcoming INTENSIVE"s please send a CV and expressions of interest to and say Hi. 


Connect - wellbeing workshop

We look at getting into our bodies and out of our head's, away from some of the difficult feelings we all have.

A physical theatre wellbeing workshop exploring how we can release stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges through play, working as a group and trust.

A moment to connect with ourselves. Perhaps realise what we need more of in our lives. Or less of. 

This workshop focusses on expression and healing. On being in a room with other people. Having a moment to breathe.

Participants will be introduced to exercises Babel Theatre use in our own practice, and will gain confidence and energy in this expressive, dynamic, fun afternoon. 

This workshop is aimed at 16-25 year olds who are interested in the arts and who are dealing with feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. 

For information on upcoming CONNECT workshops please email and say Hi. 



Artistic Director Joseph Lynch leads regular laboratory workshops exploring the Babel processes of physical actor training and theatre making, in an attempt to challenge and share the theatre making craft and to begin developing a community of performers who share the same vocabulary. 

These are extremely invigorating sessions, developing physical audacity and creative imagination. Sessions investigate creating dynamic, physically engaged performances; the state of readiness; finding gateways to emotional expressivity; rhythm and ensemble training. 

Participants will be encouraged to investigate their own practice and push their own limits.  


We will be holding another Lab Project in Spring 2018. If you feel you would like to be involved and/or learn more, please send a CV and expressions of interest to

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Babel: a confused noise made by a number of voices; a confused situation

Nights: the period between afternoon and sunrise


We need to talk about theatre: Mental health within the arts

We are hosting an evening to talk about our Mental Health within the Arts. We’d love for you to join us.

Over the last few months we’ve found ourselves having the same conversations again and again with different people.

We all know how it goes. We approach a friend in the bar before a show, they ask ‘how are you?’ and we blurt out everything we've been doing, are doing or are planning to do in theatre. Instinctively ignoring their question and responding in a subtle but real panic to project an image of success, or at the very least, busyness. 

We think er can be a whole lot better at at talking to each other about how we’re feeling and what we’re experiencing. So we’d like to have some time dedicated to just that. We’re going to spend the evening chatting about the effects working in the arts has on our day to day health. The ridiculous idiosyncrasies and industry wide habits.  How that friend from the bar, is a professional relationship as well as a personal... so are we friends, or colleagues? 

It’s fitting that us and so many others are making plays about isolation, loneliness and what our place is in society.

Join us for a cup of tea at HOME. 


Friday 3rd November 

6pm - 8:30pm 

(Drinks in the bar afterwards)

This event is free

Please email Hannah at to reserve your place.