We've made a little list of people heading up to Edinburgh. We've tried to concentrate on people making their work in Manchester, but we might've thrown a few of our recommendations in there as well! 


Manchester Theatre

Manchester Theatre

Five encounters on a site called Craig's list

Sam wants to tell you about five encounters he had on a site called Craigslist
Sam is anxious about the way he gets to know people. About the way he self-sabotages his attempts to communicate and reach out to those around him.

Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak, 5 Encounters on a site called Craigslist is an intricate and tender question mark around our attempts to encounter each other in a technologized world.



The untold story of the world's first murderer.

Origins is a psychological thriller that plunges deep into the heart of darkness, where movement, sound and rhythm fuse to create a physically pulsating stage adventure. Journey into the landscapes of dream and reality, and confront life's primeval questions of faith, death and immortality.



 At a time when mental health is increasingly making the headlines, yet still so many are unable to speak about their experience for fear of stigma, this show tells a personal story that will get people talking. A show about one son's moving exploration into his mum's mental health. 'Such craft and illumination deserves a big audience. Go see it' (Ed Whitfield, ViewFromTheCheapSeats.com).


Bin Laden: The One Man Show

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to show you how to change the world…’ The world's most notorious terrorist tells his remarkable, provocative and multi award-winning story. After a critically-acclaimed USA tour, this incendiary, intelligent show provides fresh perspective; creating a space for debate and dialogue within the unthinkable. Critic’s Pick Of The Fringe Award (Hollywood Fringe Festival 2016). Outstanding Actor in a Drama (San Diego International Fringe Festival 2016). Broadway Bobby (BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013). Top 5 Theatre Shows at the Fringe (List, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013).


Get a round

Pinned on the arse-end of a night out, Eggs Collective: Get a Round is a show with lipstick on its teeth and Wotsits on its face. A wayward exploration of friendship, kindness and belonging that spills out towards its audience. In a world that’s going to the dogs, Eggs Collective wonder if the basic principles of a good night out might make the world a better place. 



Liz has got an embarrassing problem and these yogurts aren't helping; her body's acting up. After sell-out performances at HOME Manchester and a national tour of hospitals, Liz Richardson shares her real life experiences living as a twenty-something with ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease) in this shameless tale of love, laughter and lavatories.  Gutted is a frank and funny exploration of our relationship to our bodies when they fail us.


Morale is high (Since we gave up hope)

Powder Keg smash pop and politics in some space age, futuristic Hadron Collider to create an ongoing evaluation of our political climate. Through intertwining narratives, songs to scream along with and time travel, Morale is High will predict what could happen between now and the next general election in 2020, exploring the effects of popular culture, political policy and inane day-to-day actions on who we choose to vote for.


Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here

She’s standing in what used to be her bedroom. She’s come back to reclaim what she buried. The car waits outside. Debt, eviction, childhood and the thing under the floorboards. What remains, long after you’ve paid it off. From multi award-winning company Barrel Organ, Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here is a road trip. A haunted house. A bedtime story. A photo album. An 80s fantasy film. A demolition project. A riot. ‘This young company are the future’ (Lyn Gardner).



Merce used to protest in the streets but now she just gets angry on Facebook. Patricia has turned forty and is worried her son will hate her for not making more of a difference. Dan thinks it’s all connected to bees and Thomas… well, Thomas is the only real musician in the show, and guess what 80% of it is? Music. An unpredictable and urgent theatrical counter protest. A show about changing the world, with a live rock band. Welcome to the revolution. It’s gonna get messy.


Some things we love

Some things we love


We couldn't make a list of shows on at ed without a shout out to what we think is some of the best theatre you can feast your eyes on. So here are some of our inspirations. 


Theatre Ad Infinitum arrive with a double bill

Translunar Paradise


Multi award-winning Ad Infinitum return with their hit show following an international tour, winning nine awards. Experience a journey of life, death and enduring love. After his wife passes away, William escapes to a paradise of fantasy and past memories, a place far from the realty of his grief. Returning from beyond the grave, Rose revisits her widowed companion to perform one last act of love: to help him let go. A poignant, life-affirming tale without words.


One actor. One hour. One man’s epic quest to reunite with his family and seek his bloody revenge. Passionate, highly physical and poignant storytelling brings this breathtaking adventure to life. A journey that will ignite the imagination and awaken the senses…


The new diorama return with another treat

The Secret Lives of Humans

Inspired by the Yuval Harari’s international bestseller, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. In 1949, Dr Jacob Bronowski installs a secret, alarmed room in his house. Fifty years later, his grandson discovers his secrets, unearthing echoes from across six million years of human history, told from the perspective of a century in which every year is a revolutionary year. Following their sell-out production of Down and Out in Paris and London, multi award-winning New Diorama return to Pleasance with a World Premiere. ‘Energetic and superb’ **** (Guardian).

Check out this amazing trailer:


Gecko arrive with an associate show

The Dreamer

Inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Peony Pavilion by his Chinese contemporary, Tang Xianzu, this vibrant production uses Gecko's trademark style to blend emotionally driven movement, a spine-tingling soundscape and striking visual storytelling to bring a new twist to these classic texts, performed by a Chinese cast. Created by Gecko's associate director Rich Rusk and devising performer Chris Evans


More from Manchester

More from Manchester

A play following both sides of a one night stand, with some added extras. the unsexiest play about sex ever

Breakfast Plays:

Leading female playwrights from Syria, USA, India and UK question their country’s approach to birth practice and the cultural pressures that surround it. Heartfelt and hard-hitting, these are not mere statistics. 

Start your festival day with these script-in-hand performances, and enjoy a breakfast roll and tea/coffee with your ticket.


A witty and touching new play about class, friendship and absence, by award-winning writer and comedian Jackie Hagan. Directed by Amit Sharma of Solid Life of Sugar Water: ‘Startlingly good’ **** (Times). All performances include creative captioning and audio description.

Graeae Theatre Company and Royal Exchange Theatre