build the tower of babel


The last few years have been a sensational, creative, challenging and thrilling time for Babel.
And now we're really cooking #BeFierce!

Out of a curious ambition to create intimate, powerful new work that is vital and complex, we have met thousands of new audience members across the UK, won multiple awards and begun an electrifying journey into engaging with audiences, emerging artists, schools and community groups.   

Babel are committed to creating multifaceted theatre that provokes imagination, inspiration and dialogue.
Our ambitions are huge. We believe theatre is a place where people can come together. We want to build Babel around these ideas. Block by block. Integrated within performance making: creating rooted foundations for our ambitious goals and targets in audience engagement, workshops, online documentation, professional development and mentoring, breaking down barriers ensuring the keys to the Towers are in the hands of our audience.

We couldn't do it without you, thank you.
Help us build the tower back up. 
Bringing people together,  
Audiences and Artists and Art
and all the ideas, emotions and experiences of contemporary living.


Buy a brick

£15 per year

You will receive a handwritten card from Joseph to Willkommen | Bienvenue | Yōkoso | welcome you into our community of friends and merci boucoup for your kind support. 

You will receive four exclusive emails a year with sketches, inspirations, bits of writing, latest news and quarrels

Most importantly you will receive your very own Babel Lego brick, and we'll match it with a real life one on our real life Lego Babel Tower, with your name written on the side. 


make a wall

£25 per year - all of the above plus:

You will have a personalised correspondence with a member of Babel throughout the creation of a show.

You'll receive one of our #BabelPhilosophy cards (ssshhh they're still a secret!)

You'll be invited to an exclusive summer garden party with the team and our friends so we can all meet face to face.

You'll receive two complimentary tickets for future Babel shows.


Build a wing

£100 per year - all of the above plus:

We'll build a wing of Babel in your name!

You will receive a unique chest made especially for you. It will include personal letters of thanks written by the team, authentic notes from rehearsals, a copy of a performance, a mystery invitation, a unique Babel badge that gets concessionary or free entry to all of our events, and a handmade token of our appreciation to remind you how much your support keeps a young, fierce, bright eyed company like us going.