Who are you?

Who do you want me to be?

As Richard’s grasp on reality crumbles, the fantasies, memories and monsters of his recent relationship materialise in his flat around him, subjecting him to an onslaught of romantic terrorism. 

Babel's first production, and the beginning of our journey into a world of fast paced, emotionally charged, physically adept theatre making. You Must Be is an original, quixotic piece of contemporary theatre about how we love and how we remember. 

This story of a modern day relationship looks at the complicated issues of the nature of memory, personal identity and loss. Focusing largely on the intangible nature of memory, it examines how we might remember an event differently to how it actually occurred.



“An imaginative, touching piece of theatre that aptly says some profound things about the leftovers of a person at the end of a relationship” 
A Younger Theatre

“Despite its ominous title, You Must Be The One To Bury Me is actually quite funny: rich with a well-timed levity… Ambitious, well-acted, well-produced, worthy of a viewing.”
The Reviews Hub

“We certainly have a cast who have more than demonstrated their abilities to deliver this clever and intricate play.”
North West End

“What I find intriguing about Babel’s approach to theatre is that they are clearly interested in telling stories about the contemporary world… At first you think this play is going to be an amiable romance; but it contained more than a drop of poison, if not outright terror.”
Jildy Sauce

“As well as writing and performing Lynch also directs in striking imaginative style… [he] is clearly a talent to watch as a director. The play remains one that audiences should seek out and proves Babel Theatre to be a very welcome addition to the Manchester theatre scene.”
 Manchester Theatre Awards


YOU MUST BE THE ONE TO BURY ME is no longer touring. 


Creative team

Created by Joseph Lynch, Stephanie Bain and Rea Mole

Stage Manager: Katie Robinson

Lighting Design: Joe Boxshall, Katie Robinson and Joseph Lynch
Lighting Operators: Joe Boxshall, Joel Gatehouse, Alex Carvalho
Sound Design: Joel Gatehouse and Joseph Lynch

Devising Collaborators:
Stephanie Bain, Rea Mole, Wiebke Acton, Tilda O'Grady, Katie Robinson, Joel Gatehouse, Leah Georges, George Bellamy, Danny Kearns